perfect plus size bra

Butterfly Bra Is The Best Choice For Women With Larger Breasts

  • More support, for a bigger bosom
  • #1 plus size bra
  • Perfect fit
  • Super comfortable

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So you most likely feel that your bosom is a bit bigger than the one of the girl next door and you want to support it properly, especially when you do some sports - the butterfly bra is what you are looking for. You might even be voluptuous woman and you want to be sure that you don't get that nasty upper back pain that you can usually get with a pair of regular bra. Well there are solutions for this and you don't have to suffer with those bad plus size bras, and especially you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars in getting some support bra that looks like your grandmother could wear it.

Many women who have large breasts and a cup size like 38 DDD can have great problems. Most of them are always in pain and suffer from real skin problems because of the irritation that the tight supportive bras can cause. Almost all larger women suffer from the same problems and they have indents in their shoulders and back problems. It is common to have cuts under your arms and under your breasts. The name comes from the looks of the bra as it looks like a butterfly, and comes with extra support and removable support straps if you don't feel like wearing them all the time or if you don't need them. This style is great and it doesn't only feel great but it also looks great at the same time.

Even though the back straps look like a butterfly they are scientifically designed to give you the best comfort, but also something else. Many larger women get lumps in their upper back because of the bra, and this is where the butterfly bra is different. You can lift and lower these straps so that you can get a smooth upper back without these issues that you could normally get. These straps are designed to distribute the weight evenly so that you won't feel too much pressure or discomfort. The straps have gel pads that are there to prevent the straps from sinking in your shoulders and the underwire has an oil cushion to prevent it cutting in your chest. This is a state of the art bra!

Don't feel like you have been cursed with having a set of larger breasts or that you have been well endowed. Some plus size women feel ashamed of themselves and feel like they just need to deal with the problems that come from not being able to find a good bra that is designed just for you. Well the Jill Scott Butterfly Bra is the thing that you are looking for, and you don't want to miss out on this great product, as it is specially designed just for you. These have been made in co-operation with Ashley Stewart who has come up with great bra that are great, and I can honestly recommend them for you when you are looking for some added support for your bosom.

The way that these bras have been designed is that they started right from the scratch instead of just trying to add more support to a regular bra. They did not just put extra straps on the back to make it more solid, but instead the designed the whole cup, underwire and the straps in a manner that they support each other, and also the so called "butterfly" in the back, that helps you keep a perfect posture at all times. This is revolutionary and it has never been done before - the posture bras that you usually see are made the other way. The just took a nice bra and added straps to it to make it better, instead the created an unbalanced support that wasn't natural.